Key Takeaways: Data-driven Practices For Your Dealership

by Lindsay Lauck on November 6, 2019

Leverage data-driven practices with these important tips to make your dealership more profitable. Data is everywhere in your dealership. Knowing what to do with it and using it to become successful can be overwhelming. Your dealership won’t become a data-focused institution overnight as it takes a real mindshift, from leadership-led ini...

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The Future of Data In Your Dealership

by Lindsay Lauck on October 2, 2019

Mastering the art of selling cars—and remaining profitable while doing so—has been the goal for auto retailers for over a century. But a fairly recent trend of too much data, and knowing how to use it, has been a hot topic for dealers looking to rise above their competition. With so much data, and so many sources, it’s easy to get lost in the...

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Four Keys to a Successful DMS Switch

by Lindsay Lauck on September 4, 2019

Making a technology change within your automotive dealership can be daunting. You’re introducing fear, change, and relative inconsistency to your entire staff. Yet, staying stuck with old, outdated tools and systems can slow your productivity and leave your dealership in the dark. Often, upgrading your Dealer Management System (DMS) is a must-do....

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Top Technology Challenges for Dealerships

by Lindsay Lauck on August 14, 2019

When Susan Moll, Sr. Director of Field Services for Cox Auto, sat down with the team at Jim Browne Auto Group, it was clear they were struggling with their technology investments. The dealership group, had grown to six franchise locations and was proud of their success. However, several challenges with their technology were beginning to cause conce...

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New Technology, New Opportunity Webinar: Top Reasons To Join

by Lindsay Lauck on July 10, 2019

Thinking of making a change to your automotive dealership’s technology stack? You’re well aware that shifting gears and integrating new technology can cause fear and panic among even your most stoic staff members. But, with technology driving so many new innovations in the market, and today’s changing consumer, you can’t sit on the fence fo...

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Does Your Vendor Pass the Technology Top Ten List?

by Lindsay Lauck on September 19, 2018

Choosing a DMS provider is a big process, but the transition itself can be (practically) painless when you select the right fit. Your best bet, according to this on-demand webinar from John Grace Vice President of Fixed Ops and DMS of Cox Automotive, is to choose the right technol...

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