Industry News Roundup: 8/16/19

by Dealertrack on August 16, 2019

This week’s news roundup from Dealertrack includes some surprising best practices for the F&I office, a heads-up about the next generation of auto buyers, and an update on the state of the economy and the automotive industry....

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Industry News Roundup: 7/19/19

by Dealertrack on July 19, 2019

This weekly Dealertrack blog feature is designed to keep you up to date on industry news and trends that affect our customers. Calif. data law could send dealers scrambling – Automotive News New compli...

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Industry News Roundup: 7/12/19

by Dealertrack on July 12, 2019

This weekly Dealertrack blog feature is designed to keep you up to date on industry news and trends that affect our customers. Customer Trends: 5 Takeaways from the 2019 Cox Automotive Car...

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Industry News Roundup: 6/21/19

by Dealertrack on June 21, 2019

Introducing our new weekly Dealertrack blog feature designed to keep you up to date on industry news and trends that affect our customers. F&I continues to be a sweet spot for biggest dealers – A...

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Drive to Success: Training is the key to retention

by Dealertrack on September 3, 2018

Hiring and training employees is important in any industry. But in the auto sales industry, where retention is low and turnover is high, focused training programs that teach new hires the ins and outs of the industry and dealership-life are imperative. They also lead to a more consistent and efficient sales experience for the customer and help ligh...

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Cloud Optimization, Your DMS, and You

by Dealertrack on August 29, 2018

As technology evolves, so does its language. And one of the newest tech buzz terms “the cloud” can be a little confusing. What is the cloud? How can it help your business? And what exactly does having your dealership’s data in the cloud really mean?   What is the cloud? Essentially, the cloud refers to software...

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Drive to Success: Enhancing Online Presence

by Dealertrack on August 27, 2018

Customers shop for cars online. Because of this simple fact, it’s the job of every savvy dealership to have an online presence that caters to customers’ shopping preferences and attracts consumers to the dealership. Through strategic online marketing, including mapping the online customer journey from initial research to final sale, dealerships...

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Drive to Success: Preparing for a Technology Switch

by Dealertrack on August 20, 2018

Making a switch to new technology is a big decision that can have big profit implications for a dealership. To reduce the pain sometimes involved, dealerships should research and choose the right vendor that fits their long-term goals and allows them to provide the best customer experience possible. 1 –...

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Drive to Success: Efficiency in Your Fixed Ops

by Dealertrack on August 13, 2018

Unlike the periodic fluctuations in the numbers and margins of new and used car sales, service lanes provide consistent opportunities for profit. But many dealerships fail to place adequate emphasis on their fixed operations departments. By focusing on hiring quality service lane employees, experimenting with alternative pr...

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Drive to Success: Women in Dealership Positions

by Dealertrack on August 6, 2018

Women play an important (and traditionally undervalued) role in dealerships. At least half of all car-buyers are women, many of whom prefer to deal with other women during the sales process. And female managers and sales reps consistently rank among the top performers at dealerships. Yet problems with hiring and even mistreating women persist in th...

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