by Lindsay Lauck on May 22, 2019

If you find yourself fantasizing about a new DMS, but dread the thought of switching, you’re not alone. We surveyed hundreds of dealers to better understand perceptions of their current DMS provider and considerations around switching.¹ Many respondents are dissatisfied with their current DMS, but hesitate to disrupt an established relationsh...

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Technology Transitions: 5 Steps For Success

by Lindsay Lauck on May 15, 2019

Technology is an important investment for dealerships. In nearly every aspect of buying, selling, merchandising, and financing auto sales, tech touch-points can either help, or hinder, the process. So when it comes to making a change to even one of the tools that impacts these workflows, it pays to be prepared. Automotive industry expert John Grace...

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Bonus Benefits of a Tech Change

by Lindsay Lauck on April 24, 2019

Just like spring-cleaning, decluttering your dealership's systems paves the way for progress. Updating your automotive dealership’s technology is a lot like spring cleaning. Once you’ve made the mental decision to let go of the old, legacy systems holding you and your business back, you’re free to update your data, your systems, and...

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DMS: First Among Auto Dealership Systems

by Mandi Fang on April 17, 2019

The automotive retail market is more competitive now than ever, and car dealers need every advantage. Almost all franchise dealerships say their dealership-management system is the most important system they use, according to a Dealertrack whitepaper. Yet, it also seems to cause t...

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Three Success Factors for a Smooth DMS Install

by Lindsay Lauck on March 27, 2019

Changing technology at your automotive dealership has the potential to disrupt your day-to-day workflow, wreak havoc on morale, and halt sales with unknown amounts of “downtime.” In short, it’s not a light decision. But, finding the right Dealer Management System (DMS) is worth it in the long run. Fortunately, Dealertrack DMS installs 40 deal...

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Auto Dealer Controllers’ Tips For A Smooth DMS Transition

by Lindsay Lauck on February 20, 2019

Dealerships with outdated technology are getting left in the dark. The inability to access real-time data on the sales floor, roadblocks in your accounting and F&I processes that frustrate buyers, and clunky systems that drive away employees—before and after they get hired—are just some of the side-effects of a DMS that doesn’t fit your n...

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Drive to Success: New Technology, New Opportunity

by Lindsay Lauck on February 18, 2019

Making the move to the right DMS technology is an exciting time for your automotive dealership. The chance to clear out the clutter of your old legacy system and implement fresh, new processes can feel almost like “Spring Cleaning,” but that doesn’t mean changing your DMS technology is always a walk in the park. It’s still a significant sys...

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Overcome Your DMS Transition Fears

by Lindsay Lauck on October 31, 2018

Breaking the news to your controller that your dealership is switching technology is a difficult day for any Dealer Principal Owner or GM. While a technology transition can seem intimidating, staying stagnant with an out-of-date Dealer Management System (DMS) is much, much worse. Slow systems, data held hostage, expensive add-ons, poor customer sup...

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