Drive to Success: Is Your Service Lane ‘Smart?’

by Lindsay Lauck on February 17, 2020

Your dealership’s service department is a potential gold mine for building long-term customer relationships, establishing trust, and increasing the profitability of your business. Of course, working in the automotive industry, you already know this. But is it smart? Have you considered the impact of your store’s physical appearance? Are you opt...

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Drive to Success: Service Lane Optimization Solutions

by Lindsay Lauck on September 16, 2019

The issue of margin compression has shifted from “solution” to “management” recently, as dealers are now finding ways to live with the conundrum, rather than look for an outright fix. For most dealers, the most obvious solution can be found by optimizing the profitability of your service lane. Better customer service, return visits, and bui...

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Drive to Success: Smart Data Creates A Smart Service Lane Experience

by Lindsay Lauck on May 27, 2019

It’s time to get smart about your dealership’s service lane. In particular, optimizing data, being open to change, and revolutionizing the way your team delivers service to your customers are the next big moves in the industry. Rideshare services may have changed the way people use cars, but they're also adding thousands of miles to the vehicle...

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Drive to Success: Convenience is King in the Service Lane

by Lindsay Lauck on January 21, 2019

A recent Cox Automotive study sheds light on changing behavior in the service lane—and there’s good news and bad news. First, consumers who didn’t return for service at your dealership represent, roughly, $266 billion in annual lost revenue. But, that doesn’t mean people aren’t spending cash to service their vehicles. In fact, the good ne...

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Drive to Success: The Service Lane That Pays Back

by Lindsay Lauck on October 8, 2018

Is your auto dealership’s service department generating at least half of your gross profit? It should be. But, service centers need the right mix of customer support, transparency, technology, speed and efficiency, and loyalty in order to maintain that kind of benefit for the business. If you’re keeping up with what auto buyers want—and estab...

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Drive to Success: Efficiency in Your Fixed Ops

by Dealertrack on August 13, 2018

Unlike the periodic fluctuations in the numbers and margins of new and used car sales, service lanes provide consistent opportunities for profit. But many dealerships fail to place adequate emphasis on their fixed operations departments. By focusing on hiring quality service lane employees, experimenting with alternative pr...

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Drive to Success: Keeping an Efficient Service Lane

by Dealertrack on July 2, 2018

In an age of slimming profits and increased competition, having an efficient service lane is more important than ever. Whether competing with quick service shops or finding ways to synergize sales and service efforts, dealerships can improve retention and appeal to new customers through their service lanes. 1 -...

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