Control and Connect the Digital Experience

by Dealertrack on May 4, 2016

By now you’ve heard the fiction about the future of car sales. The stories about how all you need to do to buy a car is pick the color, choose the wheels, and click on that ubiquitous online shopping cart. May as well just go ahead and turn on the robot. No one even takes test drives anymore. While all that makes for entertaining t...

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Closing Time: Thought Starters and Trends from NADA 2016

by Dealertrack on April 5, 2016

After three days of automotive retail at its finest, NADA 2016 is over. Estimates vary, but officials believe over 25,000 attendees perused the show in Las Vegas, most in happy moods due to healthy business, good conversation and exciting technology. All in all, it was a spectacular way to celebrate the business of selling cars, starting with a...

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NADA 2016 Day Two: Putting Automotive Retail to Work

by Dealertrack on April 3, 2016

If Day One was about creating connections and expressing appreciation, Day Two concerned itself with the work of automotive retail, and how the spirit of integration is a formative part of Dealertrack products and services. During the workshops and at the booth, dealers wanted to know how it all fit together, how our promise of “innovation thr...

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NADA 2016 Day One: Making the Connection

by Dealertrack on April 2, 2016

Integration. Partnership. Making the connection. Day One at NADA is always about making connections. It’s a pot luck of finding old friends, of meeting new people – and reconnecting with associates. It might even be a booth discussion that helps you to discover a new way of doing something – a product or a process – that make...

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Thought Leader Series: Five Questions with Mike Burgiss

by Dealertrack on March 25, 2016

Mike Burgiss is, at heart, an entrepreneur. He’s the kind of guy who looks at a process or experience and asks not what it is or how to use it, but how it can be made better – and what’s coming next. Then he rallies teams to define and build that big idea or transformative approach. It’s the spirit behind his work as Founder and General...

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