Drive to Success: Improving Social Media Presence

by Dealertrack on May 21, 2018

Today’s customers turn to social media to inform their car-buying process. They read reviews, browse vehicle selection, compare prices, and find out what others have to say about a particular dealership. A strong social media presence and strategy to engage with customers can increase a dealership’s sales and reputation in the community. Poor e...

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Digital Dealer 22: Discovering the Magic of Millennials

by Dealertrack on April 18, 2017

They are somewhere between 18 and 34, and have a strong aversion to waiting around, feeling pressured or signing actual paperwork. They want most things on their terms – and only if it starts online. Or better yet, a mobile device.At Digital Dealer 22, the influence of Millennials shaded most sessions with talk about keeping pace with...

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Mobile in the Showroom: Why it Fits

by Dealertrack on July 16, 2016

It’s been debated at conferences, in showrooms, talked about over dinners, written about, studied and queried. Still, the question – and the debate – rages.Mobile. Does it fit in the dealership showroom?The short answer is yes. Of course. And if you’ve not integrated mobile devices throughout your sales showroom experience,...

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Embracing mobile in your service department

by Dealertrack on February 17, 2015

“Mobile” has been one of the biggest buzzwords in our industry over the past couple of years. From configuring vehicles on smartphones to F&I product tours on tablets, dealership personnel have discovered that using mobile devices can increase efficiency...

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