Leadership Lessons: State of the Auto Industry with Zo Rahim

by Lindsay Lauck on November 13, 2019

What’s in store for the automotive industry for 2020? This million-dollar question should be on the minds of everyone, from sales professionals, to Dealer Principal Owners, and manufacturers alike. While it’s nearly impossible to predict the future, we did the next best thing and tapped into one of the brightest minds in Cox Automotive’s Econ...

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Leadership Lessons: Master Year End Like a Boss

by Lindsay Lauck on January 16, 2019

Rise and shine, two-zero-one-nine! It’s time to meet year end with fresh optimism and a health strategy. If your role at the dealership is to manage, prepare, or file year-end tax forms, W-2’s (or anything in between), here are some solutions for staying calm, preparing for surprises, and impressing everyone around you by rising to the challeng...

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