Drive to Success: Measure What Matters When It Comes to KPIs

by Lindsay Lauck on June 24, 2019

Whether you’re busy selling new cars, marketing your franchise business, or managing the day-to-day functions of your growing automotive dealership, it’s likely you’re really, really busy. But, you don’t want to stay busy spinning your wheels without taking a moment to measure if your hard work is making a positive return. And, rea...

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Drive to Success: The Right KPIs for Digital Retailing

by Lindsay Lauck on February 25, 2019

General Managers and Dealer Principal Owners manage everything from inventory management, to hiring, to sales and advertising within the automotive sales business. With the emergence (and extreme importance) of Digital Retailing, dealerships are introducing technologies to fast-track their brands to consumers who are shopping and researching their...

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