Drive to Success: Dealership Technology Impacts More Than Profits

by Lindsay Lauck on June 10, 2019

The technology that drives the automotive retail industry from start to finish varies wildly, from online shopping apps to point-of-sale systems, and all the way to online data and customer retention tools. All of these technologies are designed to enhance the experience and increase profits, but if they aren’t optimizing the customer experience,...

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Drive to Success: Smart Data Creates A Smart Service Lane Experience

by Lindsay Lauck on May 27, 2019

It’s time to get smart about your dealership’s service lane. In particular, optimizing data, being open to change, and revolutionizing the way your team delivers service to your customers are the next big moves in the industry. Rideshare services may have changed the way people use cars, but they're also adding thousands of miles to the vehicle...

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Drive to Success: Building a Fanatic Fan-base of Happy Customers

by Lindsay Lauck on May 20, 2019

Your most loyal customers love you. And automotive dealers love their most loyal customers. After all, loyal, happy customers become brand advocates, spend more, and return to your dealership again and again. So is your dealership relying on hearsay, luck, and good-timing to support and nurture these all-too-important clients? Are you working (dili...

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Drive to Success: Is Your Dealership Building a Brand That Matters?

by Lindsay Lauck on May 6, 2019

When it comes to building your automotive dealership’s “brand,” it literally pays to think beyond the logo. That’s because a well-crafted personal brand helps humanize your sales people, connects your business with the community, and sets you apart from the competition. How the public thinks about your dealership is important. It’s up to...

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Drive to Success: Innovation and Drive for your F&I Strategy

by Lindsay Lauck on April 29, 2019

The F&I process, for most dealerships, generates significant potential profit for the business. But regulatory compliance, buyer frustration, and shrinking margins are daily hurdles that threaten to make the F&I process a losing battle. Can finding passion and meaning in your work combat the stress? Can new data-backed integrations bring au...

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Drive to Success: Marketing to Millennials Means Going Green

by Lindsay Lauck on April 15, 2019

They say that change is good for you. It turns out that change is also good for the planet. The generation everyone is either trying to sell to, hire, or figure out (AKA: Millennials) has been telling companies to “Go Green” for a few years. And, if you’re not listening, you’re going to miss out. See how going “Green” is good for busine...

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Drive to Success: Mobility Drives Change For Smart Cities

by Lindsay Lauck on March 4, 2019

More than one major movement is changing the automotive industry—and it’s shifting from the outside-in. Technology, cultural factors like the new sharing economy, and environmental needs (like the switch to electric) are impacting the way the public buys and uses vehicles. And all of these changes are going to have major impacts on the...

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Drive to Success: The Right KPIs for Digital Retailing

by Lindsay Lauck on February 25, 2019

General Managers and Dealer Principal Owners manage everything from inventory management, to hiring, to sales and advertising within the automotive sales business. With the emergence (and extreme importance) of Digital Retailing, dealerships are introducing technologies to fast-track their brands to consumers who are shopping and researching their...

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