Drive to Success: Resilience in a Post-COVID-19 World

by Lindsay Lauck on May 20, 2020

As America makes plans to go back to work in a post-lockdown society, it will be the automotive industry that leads the way. This week, as dealerships reopen their doors and more than one-hundred thousand automotive factory workers return to their jobs, the country will keep its collective fingers crossed in hopes that the economy will bounce back...

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Drive to Success: The Road to Recovery

by Lindsay Lauck on April 29, 2020

A series of unprecedented challenges is forcing the auto industry to revolutionize its strategies, redefine goals, and adapt seemingly overnight. The digital transformation taking place, however, was long overdue. As dealers figure out how to retain business continuity...

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Drive to Success: Thinking Beyond the Showroom

by Dealertrack on March 30, 2020

Our partners in the industry are finding new ways to ensure their future success by meeting the needs of their customers faster, safer, and online. It’s never been more important to think beyond the showroom. See how dealers are finding new ways to deliver service and meet sales goals amid Social Distancing. 1 -...

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Drive to Success: Creating Brand Fanatics

by Lindsay Lauck on March 9, 2020

Who do auto dealers love? Their loyal customers. But how do dealerships build better loyalty, develop emotional connections during the buying process, and establish brand recognition that turns happy customers into actual, rabid fanatics? The ingredients are all there—from the minute your buyers learn about what your dealership stands for to thei...

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Drive to Success: Is Your Service Lane ‘Smart?’

by Lindsay Lauck on February 17, 2020

Your dealership’s service department is a potential gold mine for building long-term customer relationships, establishing trust, and increasing the profitability of your business. Of course, working in the automotive industry, you already know this. But is it smart? Have you considered the impact of your store’s physical appearance? Are you opt...

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