Drive to Success: Better Customer Experience for the Long Haul

by Lindsay Lauck on October 15, 2018

Buying a car is an emotional experience, an expensive process, and one of the biggest financial transactions most consumers will make in any given year. While customer expectations and buying habits are shifting, one thing that’s remained constant is the need to improve the customer experience at your dealership, every day. Your dealership’s re...

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Drive to Success: The Service Lane That Pays Back

by Lindsay Lauck on October 8, 2018

Is your auto dealership’s service department generating at least half of your gross profit? It should be. But, service centers need the right mix of customer support, transparency, technology, speed and efficiency, and loyalty in order to maintain that kind of benefit for the business. If you’re keeping up with what auto buyers want—and estab...

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Drive to Success: The Growing Gap of Margin Compression

by Lindsay Lauck on October 1, 2018

Have a leaky faucet? There’s an easy fix for that. Fighting margin compression? Well, that’s another story. The problem of combating margin compression at your auto dealership is more like closing an ever-present gap that continues to grow. Selling more cars, having the best sales team on the block, and beating the competition might be within y...

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Drive to Success: The Fixable F&I Process

by Lindsay Lauck on September 24, 2018

From focusing on speed and efficiency, to empathy, and even trying music (really), F&I managers are willing to do what it takes to improve the most dreaded piece of the car buying process. That’s because F&I managers are responsible for large sums of money that dealership’s depend on. No pressure. 1 -...

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Drive to Success: Building a Better Digital Retailing Plan

by Lindsay Lauck on September 17, 2018

The new digital consumer has disrupted the automotive buying experience. If you're ready to play the game—by building a solid digital retailing strategy, staying ahead of the technology curve, and optimizing the best online experience for your future buyers—your dealership might just do very well for itself. The future of car buying looks very...

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Drive to Success: How to Master the Millennial Market

by Lindsay Lauck on September 10, 2018

The millennial generation is changing the game for auto dealerships. Faster, easier, and (mostly) online buying experiences are "in." And negotiating, obfuscated options and confusing financing are "out." But, there's more to it. Some dealerships worry this mystery generation will forgo the option to own a vehicle altogether. Others argue that this...

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Drive to Success: Challenge Margin Compression

by Dealertrack on July 16, 2018

Margin compression in auto sales is a problem that’s been building for years. And, unfortunately, it’s not going away anytime soon. But there are several things dealerships can do to mitigate the negative effects of margin compression, including being smarter about used vehicle sales, focusing on alternative sour...

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Drive to Success: Managing Change in the Dealership

by Dealertrack on June 11, 2018

From implementing new technology to adjusting company culture, managing change in the dealership is difficult. Because change is usually met with at least a little resistance from employees, it’s important to have a change management plan in place to avoid downtime and potential lost profits. 1 -...

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Drive to Success: Dealership Work Culture

by Dealertrack on June 4, 2018

Creating a positive workplace culture affects more than employees. When dealerships establish a positive work culture, it impacts turnover, sales, and efficiency, as well. When employee morale improves, a dealership’s business results and bottom line usually follow....

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Drive to Success: Dealership Sales Strategy

by Dealertrack on May 14, 2018

The way consumers buy vehicles is changing. And, dealerships are finding new ways to adjust to their customers’ shifting preferences. Through an increased focus on digital sales, social media, and community involvement, dealerships are finding creative ways to make the sales process a more enjoyable and profitable experience. 1 -...

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