Drive to Success: The Millennial Mindset Impacts Auto Ownership

by Lindsay Lauck on August 12, 2019

Selling cars to a younger generation like Gen Z and millennials, those born sometime between (roughly) the very early 1980’s and mid 1990’s, is becoming the proverbial white whale for modern auto dealers. You know they’re out there—somewhere—and you’ve been told they have money to spend. However, this elusive market continues to baffle...

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Drive to Success: Process Improvements For Your Auto Sales Team

by Lindsay Lauck on August 5, 2019

Process improvements and workflow enhancements are a good way to streamline the way your sales team identifies goals and hits their targets. That is, of course, when they work. Often, changing the simple way your team tackles daily projects can be a source of strife and frustration for the entire auto dealership. Don’t go at it blindly. Rather, m...

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Drive to Success: Managing the Human-side of Change

by Lindsay Lauck on July 15, 2019

Change is coming. Don’t Panic! No, really. When employees hear about change—organizational, strategic, or even technology-driven—the basic uncertainties that accompany change can cause real fear and anxiety. As a General Manager or Dealer Principal Owner of an auto dealership, your role isn’t simply to manage the transition of said change....

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Drive to Success: Dreaming of Big Data in the Auto Industry

by Lindsay Lauck on July 1, 2019

The automotive business changes fast, and technology even faster. But leaving it all up to chance is just risky. With technology integrating into every step of the buying and selling process, and with more ways to measure the habits of today’s consumers, Big Data should be the driving force behind your next move. Here’s a look at how data-drive...

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Drive to Success: Dealership Technology Impacts More Than Profits

by Lindsay Lauck on June 10, 2019

The technology that drives the automotive retail industry from start to finish varies wildly, from online shopping apps to point-of-sale systems, and all the way to online data and customer retention tools. All of these technologies are designed to enhance the experience and increase profits, but if they aren’t optimizing the customer experience,...

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Drive to Success: Smart Data Creates A Smart Service Lane Experience

by Lindsay Lauck on May 27, 2019

It’s time to get smart about your dealership’s service lane. In particular, optimizing data, being open to change, and revolutionizing the way your team delivers service to your customers are the next big moves in the industry. Rideshare services may have changed the way people use cars, but they're also adding thousands of miles to the vehicle...

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Drive to Success: Building a Fanatic Fan-base of Happy Customers

by Lindsay Lauck on May 20, 2019

Your most loyal customers love you. And automotive dealers love their most loyal customers. After all, loyal, happy customers become brand advocates, spend more, and return to your dealership again and again. So is your dealership relying on hearsay, luck, and good-timing to support and nurture these all-too-important clients? Are you working (dili...

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