Drive to Success: Build a Solid Customer Advocacy Strategy And Win

by Lindsay Lauck on February 11, 2019

Every automotive dealership is going to do what it can to offer great deals and customer service today. It simply has to. But, there’s more that can be done to set your dealership apart. Consumers are demanding more from their retailers, and the payoff is huge: extreme loyalty, advocacy, repeat business, word of mouth, and more await the dealersh...

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Drive to Success: Build Customer Service Strategies For Success

by Lindsay Lauck on January 28, 2019

Remember when the customer was “King” in the sales industry? Have you ever experienced a truly negative buying experience that left you questioning what went wrong? Purchasing an automobile is a major financial decision—where a considerable amount of money is on the line, emotions are high, and trust is key. It’s in your dealership’s best...

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Drive to Success: Convenience is King in the Service Lane

by Lindsay Lauck on January 21, 2019

A recent Cox Automotive study sheds light on changing behavior in the service lane—and there’s good news and bad news. First, consumers who didn’t return for service at your dealership represent, roughly, $266 billion in annual lost revenue. But, that doesn’t mean people aren’t spending cash to service their vehicles. In fact, the good ne...

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Drive to Success: What’s Driving The Mobility Movement?

by Lindsay Lauck on December 31, 2018

The Mobility movement is gaining momentum and there’s no going back! Does your dealership have a strategy to capitalize on the next big thing, hop on the bandwagon, and ride the wave into the future? Or, will you ride this one out sitting on the proverbial fence? Let’s take a look at what’s really driving mobility for dealerships, manufacture...

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Drive to Success: Improve your Digital Retail Strategy in 2019

by Lindsay Lauck on December 17, 2018

It’s time for an upgrade. And, no, you can’t put this off any longer. Your auto dealership’s future success depends on your digital retail strategy. Specifically, how you plan to interact with future car buyers online, in advertising, your web experience, and your ability to meet their needs and improve every step of the sales and service pro...

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Drive to Success: Meet The Millennial Car Buyer

by Lindsay Lauck on December 10, 2018

Are you ready to meet the millennial car buyer at your dealership in 2019? How about during the 17 hours they spend, on average, online prior to walking into your dealership? Millennials tend to get a bad reputation for “ruining” industries—from breakfast cereal to engagement rings—but this misunderstood market is now coming-of-age and read...

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Drive to Success: The Human Touch of a Successful Sales Team

by Lindsay Lauck on December 3, 2018

The automotive industry is experiencing a digital shift with more technology, faster apps, and new ways to search and shop. But, standing at the frontline of your dealership—the crucial “human touch” that keeps your customers coming back—is your sales team. Nurturing and developing this team of men and women into experienced sales professio...

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