Bonus Benefits of a Tech Change

by Lindsay Lauck on April 24, 2019

Just like spring-cleaning, decluttering your dealership's systems paves the way for progress. Updating your automotive dealership’s technology is a lot like spring cleaning. Once you’ve made the mental decision to let go of the old, legacy systems holding you and your business back, you’re free to update your data, your systems, and...

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Drive to Success: Don’t Drag Your Feet on Digital Retailing

by Lindsay Lauck on April 22, 2019

Where did you purchase your last vacation? How easy and smooth is your online shopping experience today? You know where this is going… Car buyers want more control of the shopping, buying, financing process. And the automotive industry is struggling to keep up. If your dealership isn’t investing in digital retailing—improving the abi...

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DMS: First Among Auto Dealership Systems

by Mandi Fang on April 17, 2019

The automotive retail market is more competitive now than ever, and car dealers need every advantage. Almost all franchise dealerships say their dealership-management system is the most important system they use, according to a Dealertrack whitepaper. Yet, it also seems to cause the hig...

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Drive to Success: Marketing to Millennials Means Going Green

by Lindsay Lauck on April 15, 2019

They say that change is good for you. It turns out that change is also good for the planet. The generation everyone is either trying to sell to, hire, or figure out (AKA: Millennials) has been telling companies to “Go Green” for a few years. And, if you’re not listening, you’re going to miss out. See how going “Green” is good for busine...

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Experience the Power of Partnerships

by Lindsay Lauck on April 10, 2019

Leading-edge technology is one thing. But with an industry as competitive as the automotive market, there has to be more behind any partner-vendor relationship. And all of this fierce competition is driving change in nearly every system that runs your dealership. But, when it comes down to the things that matter, it’s still relatively simple: fin...

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Drive to Success: Tech Boom! Is Your Dealership Keeping Up?

by Lindsay Lauck on April 8, 2019

It’s not a secret: technology is disrupting the automotive industry. Right now! OK, there’s no reason to panic. In fact, the news is quite positive. Newer, high-tech autos require high-tech repair work—leading to increased profits in your service lane. And artificial intelligence is driving powerful innovations in all areas of the industry. T...

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Dealertrack Opens Its New HQ in Silicon Slopes

by Lindsay Lauck on April 3, 2019

Dealertrack, part of the Cox Automotive family, celebrated the grand opening of their new 112,000-square-foot facility Thursday, March 28 with a formal ribbon cutting ceremony, an address from Draper City Mayor, Troy K. Walker, and remarks from Senior Vice President Randy Kobat. In addition, Dealertrack’s new Vice President and General Manager of...

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Three Success Factors for a Smooth DMS Install

by Lindsay Lauck on March 27, 2019

Changing technology at your automotive dealership has the potential to disrupt your day-to-day workflow, wreak havoc on morale, and halt sales with unknown amounts of “downtime.” In short, it’s not a light decision. But, finding the right Dealer Management System (DMS) is worth it in the long run. Fortunately, Dealertrack DMS installs 40 deal...

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