Thought Leader Series: Five Questions with Mike Burgiss

by Dealertrack on March 25, 2016

Mike Burgiss is, at heart, an entrepreneur. He’s the kind of guy who looks at a process or experience and asks not what it is or how to use it, but how it can be made better – and what’s coming next. Then he rallies teams to define and build that big idea or transformative approach. It’s the spirit behind his work as Founder and General...

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Responsive Selling Requires a Responsive and Connected Workflow

by Dealertrack on March 10, 2016

Responsive selling. It's a phrase currently being debated and examined in great detail, mainly because it suggests that the traditional fixed and stepped approach to auto sales is no longer effective -- and in fact is losing relevance. With the evolution toward an online to in-store workflow, the reality on car lots across America is that custom...

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The Truth about Transparency

by Dealertrack on October 7, 2015

Times have changed. And just in case you didn’t get that email from your GM, or haven’t read one of the hundreds of recent automotive retail trend articles…or didn’t attend one of dozens of conferences…here it is: Transparency is a thing. It’s here to stay, as well, courtesy of the changing shopping and buying behaviors brought on by...

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The Funnel is a Shot Glass

by Dealertrack on October 5, 2015

It seems that just yesterday, the most common way that people researched a car was to buy the neighborhood gearhead a six-pack. Or read a car magazine, one of those “New for …” special issues. Then they'd talk to friends, look at cars and, gradually, make a decision. That was yesterday, right? Back when the sales funnel meant s...

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