DrivingSales Executive Summit: Thinking Differently

by Candy Lucey on September 12, 2018

The DrivingSales Executive Summit (#DSES) brings together a mixed-bag of thought leaders, innovators, and progressive thinkers within the automotive industry October 21-23, 2018; it’s also the best chance for professionals to truly connect in an educational setting with people who are thinking differently. And if that’s not enough to e...

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Drive to Success: Enhancing Online Presence

by Dealertrack on August 27, 2018

Customers shop for cars online. Because of this simple fact, it’s the job of every savvy dealership to have an online presence that caters to customers’ shopping preferences and attracts consumers to the dealership. Through strategic online marketing, including mapping the online customer journey from initial research to final sale, dealerships...

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​Top Five Takeaways from DSES 2015

by Dealertrack on October 23, 2015

The annual DrivingSales Executive Summit in Las Vegas is a sort of automotive retail think tank: Part conference, part laboratory, part cocktail hour, “DSES” has emerged as one of the best opportunities for dealers, consultants and digital experts to come together with the...

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The Truth about Transparency

by Dealertrack on October 7, 2015

Times have changed. And just in case you didn’t get that email from your GM, or haven’t read one of the hundreds of recent automotive retail trend articles…or didn’t attend one of dozens of conferences…here it is: Transparency is a thing. It’s here to stay, as well, courtesy of the changing shopping and buying behaviors brought on by...

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Five key questions about adding F&I products to your website

by Dealertrack on August 27, 2015

It’s a simply powerful idea that’s beginning to take shape and grow, thanks to the evolving nature of digital automotive retail. And frankly, adding F&I options to your website makes perfect sense. Dealers who do so make it possible for shoppers to learn about product availability and features before arriving at the dealership, which is...

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