Drive to Success: Improving Digital Retailing Processes

by Dealertrack on June 18, 2018

Nearly all consumers begin the car-buying process online. They come to the dealership having decided what they want and how much they’re going to pay. And, in many cases, the in-dealership experience is a necessary evil in the minds of customers. Dealerships can do more to cater to the digital-retailing preferences of their customers by putting m...

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Digital Dealer 22: Discovering the Magic of Millennials

by Dealertrack on April 18, 2017

They are somewhere between 18 and 34, and have a strong aversion to waiting around, feeling pressured or signing actual paperwork. They want most things on their terms – and only if it starts online. Or better yet, a mobile device.At Digital Dealer 22, the influence of Millennials shaded most sessions with talk about keeping pace with...

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Digital Dealer 22: Searching for Digital Dealers in the Tampa Sun

by Dealertrack on April 13, 2017

What exactly is a “Digital” Dealer, anyway?Do they echo the look and persona of Max Headroom, that fictional 80s’ interpretation of artificial intelligence? Or is it more of a Tron vibe? I went to Digital Dealer 22 in Tampa this week to find out, and to discover how differently these digital professionals are from regular plain la...

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