Drive to Success: Manage Change In Your Organization Like a Boss

by Lindsay Lauck on November 18, 2019

Everyone is ready for change, until it’s time to get uncomfortable. So what do you—the boss—do when it’s time to pull the rug out from under your dealership employees? Well, first, you give them a warning. Second, you do your research! The art and science behind Change Management is designed to help ensure the success of your efforts, to ke...

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Drive to Success: Managing the Human-side of Change

by Lindsay Lauck on July 15, 2019

Change is coming. Don’t Panic! No, really. When employees hear about change—organizational, strategic, or even technology-driven—the basic uncertainties that accompany change can cause real fear and anxiety. As a General Manager or Dealer Principal Owner of an auto dealership, your role isn’t simply to manage the transition of said change....

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Becoming a Better Sales Coach

by Dealertrack on January 31, 2018

The author's views are entirely his or her own and may not always reflect the views of Dealertrack. By Tony Troussov, CSP™ When you think about the world of any manager, things change rather quickly.  In this competitive environment, talent development becomes much more important than ever before.  Driving better results i...

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Drive to Success: Change Management

by Dealertrack on January 29, 2018

Drive to Success is a weekly series capturing the most influential articles, tips, and tricks from industry experts and publication to help drive your dealership to success. Each week will focus on a specific key topic in the automotive industry. As humans we tend to avoid risks and big changes. Therefore, managing change is a skill e...

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