Disruption Today: Drive Profitability with Emerging Technology

by Dealertrack on January 26, 2019

Based on the workshop presented at NADA 2019 by Mike Barrington, Senior VP of Retail Solutions Group Sales, Digital Retailing & Dealertrack F&I Solutions at Cox Automotive The rate of technology change today is astounding – and the adoption rate is matching its pace. Not long ago, some of the technology we take for granted tod...

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The Consultative Approach to Selling

by Dealertrack on June 21, 2018

by Mo Zahabi While digital retailing in automotive is on the rise, dealership staff still play an important role in customers’ car-buying experiences. Six in 10 consumers would still want help from dealership staff even if they could purchase online, according to the...

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Classic Summer, Classic Cars

by Dealertrack on July 3, 2017

Since Ford opened up that factory and started selling the Model T, we've dreamt and plotted and schemed to get our own ride.Why? Because it was four wheels and an open road to the making of our own adventure. It was independence, a first foray onto the byways and main streets of America. No one is immune to the romance of ca...

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Is Auto Retail Ready for the Internet of Things?

by Dealertrack on September 10, 2016

On paper, it sounds amazing: Place a few beacons around a car at a dealership, and create a connection point between the shopper who’s wandering the lot, the car they’re looking over, and a salesperson ready to build a relationship. In a flash, that person is treated to key model features, aftermarket options…not to mention financing...

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