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Fresh Start, Fresh Site: Explore Our Updates

by Lindsay Lauck
on January 23, 2019

What better way to begin a new year than with an updated—and upgraded—look and feel? We’re rolling out a new and improved experience on Dealertrack.com for everyone to enjoy. With the new year ahead of us, your goals (see also: our goals, too) are insight: innovative solutions to improving your customers’ journeys, seamless F&I processes, and a DMS that ties everything together are just the beginning. And, to kick it off are the following changes to our site:

Find Your Way, Faster.
An updated layout allows you to find what you’re looking for, faster, providing a clear path to more relevant solutions. Start taking control of your experience with our improved navigation flow and begin exploring.

Here For You.
You don’t have to worry about falling down the rabbit hole and getting lost in the woods through endless search and navigation like other sites. Our new, improved search algorithm is always a step ahead—bringing you related resources, blog articles, posts, and solutions that will inform your decision-making much faster. We’re here to help, not hinder your plans.

Let’s Talk Business.
Ready to accomplish great things this year? We can’t wait to help you get there, and we’ve sped up the process with a streamlined login and credit application enrollment center. The location is easier to find and includes the links most important to your dealership’s needs. Check it out below:

What Matters To You, Simply Matters.
Struggling with staffing? Mastering margin compression? Fixing F&I? We know the automotive industry has unique challenges you’re looking to solve. We’ve packaged the most common problems and challenges unique to your business so that you have the autonomy to select what matters and find solutions quick and easy.

The Good Stuff.
Industry experts, masters and innovators, research and data analytics? You can now find all our resources in one helpful hub to grow your business and tackle any challenge.

Beginnings are a great place to dive in: you’re fresh off a big year and ready to conquer the new one. And we’re ready to help. Should you feel lost or have feedback, our DMS community resource is a great place to go to meet other members. Or, you can reach out at the numbers below. Not everyone will see these updates all at once, so check back over the next few weeks as we roll out the changes. Here’s to a fresh new year and a great start!

F&I: 877.357.8725
Lender: 866.868.5900
Registration & Title: 888.346.3087
DMS: 800.429.3377

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