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For a higher lead to sale conversion ratio, look to digital retailing tools

by Dealertrack
on April 30, 2013


Adding digital retailing tools to your dealership website is an effective way to attract and convert more traffic. Our research reveals that consumers that go deeper into the shopping funnel online are more likely to buy a vehicle from you.

It turns out that an average of 20-25 percent of digital retailing leads convert to sales. Compare that to the basic website lead conversion rate of 10-15 percent. What accounts for such a high conversion ratio? The key is that these leads are finance-ready. That means consumers are associating realistic payment ranges with specific vehicles and then submitting valuable information that is typical of a serious buyer, such as financial and trade-in info. 

* Results may vary based on implementation, package, demographics, new-used sales mix and franchise.

Better sales conversion is just one of the benefits of adding Dealertrack’s Digital Retailing Suite to your dealership website. You can learn more by downloading Dealertrack’s whitepaper Digital Retailing Delivers and by visiting dealertrack.com/digital

Comparison of Dealertrack Digital Retailing leads to typical website leads: