Drive to Success: Improving Digital Retailing Processes

by Dealertrack on June 18, 2018

Nearly all consumers begin the car-buying process online. They come to the dealership having decided what they want and how much they’re going to pay. And, in many cases, the in-dealership experience is a necessary evil in the minds of customers. Dealerships can do more to cater to the digital-retailing preferences of their customers by putting m...

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Drive to Success: Managing Change in the Dealership

by Dealertrack on June 11, 2018

From implementing new technology to adjusting company culture, managing change in the dealership is difficult. Because change is usually met with at least a little resistance from employees, it’s important to have a change management plan in place to avoid downtime and potential lost profits. 1 -...

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Drive to Success: Dealership Work Culture

by Dealertrack on June 4, 2018

Creating a positive workplace culture affects more than employees. When dealerships establish a positive work culture, it impacts turnover, sales, and efficiency, as well. When employee morale improves, a dealership’s business results and bottom line usually follow....

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Drive to Success: Bottom Line Efficiency

by Dealertrack on May 28, 2018

In an industry as competitive as auto sales, dealerships must think creatively to find efficiencies and increase profits. From a focus on fixed ops and F&I to hiring and retaining the right employees, dealerships that find extra ways to boost their bottom lines are those that pull ahead of the competition. 1 -...

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Drive to Success: Improving Social Media Presence

by Dealertrack on May 21, 2018

Today’s customers turn to social media to inform their car-buying process. They read reviews, browse vehicle selection, compare prices, and find out what others have to say about a particular dealership. A strong social media presence and strategy to engage with customers can increase a dealership’s sales and reputation in the community. Poor e...

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Drive to Success: Dealership Sales Strategy

by Dealertrack on May 14, 2018

The way consumers buy vehicles is changing. And, dealerships are finding new ways to adjust to their customers’ shifting preferences. Through an increased focus on digital sales, social media, and community involvement, dealerships are finding creative ways to make the sales process a more enjoyable and profitable experience. 1 -...

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Drive to Success: Efficient Technology

by Dealertrack on April 30, 2018

Technology can be extremely helpful in guiding your dealership to success. However, you should make sure the technology you implement at your dealership aligns with your dealership strategy. Technology will make your dealership more efficient when it is implemented correctly.   1-...

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Drive to Success: Hiring Female Staff

by Dealertrack on April 24, 2018

Women are underrepresented in the automotive industry and turnover rates among women employees are very high at dealerships. Your dealership can benefit greatly from hiring and retaining female employees.   1- Attract,...

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Drive to Success: Women Car Buyers

by Dealertrack on April 17, 2018

Women have more purchasing power in the dealership than ever before. Make sure your sales teams understand how to develop trust and respect with female customers to earn their purchases.   1- What Does Your Websi...

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