Three Questions to Ask About Menu Selling Technology

by Dealertrack on January 5, 2017

In large and small ways, technology has changed virtually every aspect of the automotive retail experience. Few areas, however, have seen as much of a transformation as menu selling.Sitting down with customers to go over product options for their newly purchased vehicle has gone from a piece of paper in the F&I manager’s office to...

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Three Questions to Ask About eContracting Technology

by Dealertrack on January 3, 2017

Few technology solutions solve a pressing retail issue as efficiently and precisely as electronic contracting.Indeed, virtually every aspect of the contract process is improved through this technology, starting with an improved consumer experience, and ending with a streamlined workflow between dealership and lender. eContracting is a s...

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Three Questions to Ask About F&I Compliance Technology

by Dealertrack on December 29, 2016

The power of automotive retail technology is, in part, about connecting steps in the buyer’s journey to make the process more efficient.But it also handles other, crucial aspects, such as ensuring compliance with government regulations and providing protection against ID fraud. That’s important, and as such it’s vital to make sure...

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Key Dealertrack Technology Solutions

by Dealertrack on December 23, 2016

Let’s face it: the business of automotive retail is changing.Today, car buyers spend more time shopping online and less time going to dealerships; when they do walk into a showroom, it's likely that they know what they want, right down to the amount of time they're willing to spend on the deal. That's where good technology helps,...

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Menu Selling Tips and Advice

by Dealertrack on December 16, 2016

When sales and showroom traffic cool, dealers usually turn up the temperature on F&I revenue – especially dealer reserve.But that’s changing, thanks to the current regulatory environment, as well as customer expectations around financing. Today, the heat is still on the F&I department, but this time it’s all about flat-rat...

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Fast and Efficient Contracting is Changing the Way Deals are Done

by Dealertrack on November 21, 2016

Good technology simplifies. It creates efficiencies in process, and expands the possibilities of increased profitability -- in the short term and long term. As critical aspects of the automotive retail workflow evolve with technology, dealerships and the lenders they do business with are beginning to see these improvements come to life, especial...

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CUES: Technology Drives Faster Loan Approval

by Dealertrack on September 28, 2016

It can’t be overstated: Speed is vital when it comes to the services indirect lenders provide dealers. From loan approvals to the funding of signed contracts and the management of documentation, dealers expect fast service that meets the ever-growing expectations of their customers. Dealership managers are increasingly under pressure to save t...

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F&I Compliance Tip: Monitor Dealership Activity

by Dealertrack on September 8, 2016

One of the biggest threats to dealership compliance is inside the showroom. That’s right: your employees. Some studies claim that a majority of data breaches are caused by workers, a sobering statistic that may be due to negligence or mistakes – such as leaving credit applications, credit reports and deal jackets open and in plain sight...

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F&I and Showroom: Merging Technology with F&I Product Sales

by Dealertrack on August 19, 2016

Technology, on its own, does little to sell cars.  But when technology is applied to a human process, that’s when it becomes a powerful force in the showroom. Few things better represent that effectiveness than F&I product sales. It’s here, right after the deal, where opportunity exists – as well as risk. Make customers wait too l...

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