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Less Paperwork Equals More Customer Satisfaction

by Dealertrack on December 6, 2019

We live in a world where purchase transactions keep getting faster and more convenient. Consumers are accustomed to ordering coffee with an app and having it waiting when they arrive, getting next-day or even same-day delivery from Amazon Prime, and pulling up to Target or Walmart to have merchandise they ordered loaded directly into their cars....

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Destination: Success – Navigate Digital Disruption

by Lindsay Lauck on December 4, 2019

There’s never been a more exciting time to work in the automotive industry. But, let’s be honest, Digital Disruption is...disruptive. Average dealers still struggle with issues like growing margins, change management, talent acquisition, and business management. As technology marches forth at its rapid pace, the failure to keep up can...

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Drive to Success: Key Strategies for Better Talent Acquisition

by Lindsay Lauck on December 2, 2019

Building the best team at your dealership is fundamental to your goals and strategy. Yet, dealerships often struggle to find, retain, and engage top talent. Recently, the 2019 Dealership Staffing Study from Cox Automotive shed light on the many factors impactin...

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Ask Better Questions. Get More From Your DMS.

by Lindsay Lauck on November 25, 2019

Have you ever heard the phrase, “There are no stupid questions?” Of course you have. Yet a fly on the wall of any corporate business meeting will tell you that, certainly, it would seem the people in the room are afraid of proving that statement wrong. In a Harvard Busines...

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Revealed: The Missing Metrics Needed To Fight Margin Compression

by Dealertrack on November 20, 2019

Sell more, make more. The formula for dealership profits used to be pretty straightforward. Managers that focused on increasing sales volumes could logically expect to see higher profits. Times have changed. According to a recent report from the National Automobile Dealers Association (NADA), for the first time in a decade dealerships on average...

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Why eContracting and Digital Retailing Go Hand-in-Hand

by Dealertrack on November 19, 2019

More and more dealerships are seeing the value of digital retailing for bringing in customers from a variety of online sources to help counter declining retail profit margins. Consumers are definitely shopping for vehicles online. Recent research by Google/Kantar TNS found that...

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Drive to Success: Manage Change In Your Organization Like a Boss

by Lindsay Lauck on November 18, 2019

Everyone is ready for change, until it’s time to get uncomfortable. So what do you—the boss—do when it’s time to pull the rug out from under your dealership employees? Well, first, you give them a warning. Second, you do your research! The art and science behind Change Management is designed to help ensure the success of your efforts, to ke...

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How eContracting Works with Aftermarket Products

by Dealertrack on November 14, 2019

Aftermarket sales are an important part of the deal process, but sometimes there is confusion about how eContracting figures in. For each aftermarket product, there are two types of contracts: one with the aftermarket provider and another that becomes part of the lending package submitted digitally to lenders. A complete eContracting solution sh...

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Leadership Lessons: State of the Auto Industry with Zo Rahim

by Lindsay Lauck on November 13, 2019

What’s in store for the automotive industry for 2020? This million-dollar question should be on the minds of everyone, from sales professionals, to Dealer Principal Owners, and manufacturers alike. While it’s nearly impossible to predict the future, we did the next best thing and tapped into one of the brightest minds in Cox Automotive’s Econ...

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Drive to Success: Learning is Key to Becoming a Data-driven Dealership

by Lindsay Lauck on November 11, 2019

Data is everywhere in the automotive industry. And knowing how to leverage it and make informed, smart decisions is key. Fortunately, the ability to become a data-driven dealership is a skill that you and your team can learn over time. Finding the right tools, reading the right reports, and letting go of your own personal biases is a good way to be...

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How eContracting Reduces Data Re-Entry

by Dealertrack on November 7, 2019

You’ve probably heard that going digital with your contract process helps increase accuracy and improve efficiency. So, how exactly does it do that? The key is integration between dealership systems. Technology + connection Research shows that the average dealership uses...

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