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Get Back to Basics at NADA 2019

by Lindsay Lauck on November 14, 2018

The National Automobile Dealers Association (NADA) Show takes place Jan. 24-27, and it’s set to be a big year. Mobility, AI, cybercriminals and security, the personal vehicle ownership apocalypse?...

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Drive to Success: Mobility, the Future, and Your Dealership

by Lindsay Lauck on November 12, 2018

Unless your dealership has been hiding under a rock, you’ve probably heard “mobility” referenced more times than you can count. But, dealers are savvy. The automotive industry has experienced change—constant change—since the days of the assembly line. New technology innovations have had disruptive changes to digital marketing, branding, o...

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8 Keys for Hiring & Retaining Staff at Your Dealership

by Lindsay Lauck on November 7, 2018

There's so much more than simply selling cars when it comes to the automotive industry. How do Controllers, General Managers, and Dealership Principal Owners master the art of recruiting and retaining top talent to their business? And, what can be done to grow and develop the team you've worked so hard to build? It turns out that retentio...

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Drive to Success: Game-Changing Technology For Better Profits

by Lindsay Lauck on November 5, 2018

Technology is a game-changer for the automotive industry. Improved customer data insights and the ability to offer more transparency has improved the relationships your sales associates build. And accessing information about price, offers, care information, and industry improvements—both on the buyer’s side and the dealer’s—is removing the...

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Overcome Your DMS Transition Fears

by Lindsay Lauck on October 31, 2018

Breaking the news to your controller that your dealership is switching technology is a difficult day for any Dealer Principal Owner or GM. While a technology transition can seem intimidating, staying stagnant with an out-of-date Dealer Management System (DMS) is much, much worse. Slow systems, data held hostage, expensive add-ons, poor customer sup...

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Drive to Success: Trailblazing Women in Automotive

by Lindsay Lauck on October 29, 2018

Even though women are buying around half the cars sold each year, a mere 18.6 percent of jobs in the automotive industry are held by women. Worse still? Overwhelming biases, gender barriers, and old-school sexism are keeping the automotive industry in the dark ages. Fo...

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When a Fear of Change holds you back

by John Grace on October 24, 2018

“Time, training, resistance, nightmare, contracts and confusing.” These are some of the first words that come to mind when a dealership considers making a DMS switch. These words are also often at the root of the ultimate decision to forgo the switch. A fear of change and the potential roadblocks linked to switching technology has locked man...

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Drive to Success: Build Customer Advocacy at Your Dealership

by Lindsay Lauck on October 22, 2018

What’s really driving business at your auto dealership? Fantastic salespeople? Great deals? What about reviews, word of mouth, and online testimonials of your biggest supporters and advocates? If you’re not paying attention to that last one—which can influence nearly 5...

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Smythe Volvo: Free to Focus on What Matters

by Lindsay Lauck on October 17, 2018

The team at family-owned, family-operated Smythe Volvo takes their culture seriously. Employees, sales people and car buyers are treated with respect, fairness, and trust. It makes sense to start there and let people come in the d...

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Drive to Success: Better Customer Experience for the Long Haul

by Lindsay Lauck on October 15, 2018

Buying a car is an emotional experience, an expensive process, and one of the biggest financial transactions most consumers will make in any given year. While customer expectations and buying habits are shifting, one thing that’s remained constant is the need to improve the customer experience at your dealership, every day. Your dealership’s re...

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