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Fall in Love with End-to-End Titling 

by Dealertrack on February 14, 2019

Do you love your dealership’s titling solutions? “Love” sounds like a strong word, but consider how important it is to be able to handle all your registration and titling workflow for vehicles taken in on trade, vehicles delivered to in-state customers, and vehicles delivered to out-of-state customers.  ...

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Statistically Speaking …You’ve Got Staffing Struggles

by Lindsay Lauck on February 13, 2019

Dealership Principal Owners (DPOs) and General Managers (GMs) are struggling with hiring, retaining, and even recruiting top talent in the automotive industry. If you think your dealership doesn’t have a problem, you need to take a closer look....

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Drive to Success: Build a Solid Customer Advocacy Strategy And Win

by Lindsay Lauck on February 11, 2019

Every automotive dealership is going to do what it can to offer great deals and customer service today. It simply has to. But, there’s more that can be done to set your dealership apart. Consumers are demanding more from their retailers, and the payoff is huge: extreme loyalty, advocacy, repeat business, word of mouth, and more await the dealersh...

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Technology Without Teamwork Hurts Where it Counts

by Lindsay Lauck on February 6, 2019

A lack of teamwork hurts where it counts. So, who’s counting? The average dealership invests significant dollars in technology every year. If you’re not sure if you’re overspending, chances are you haven’t fully calculated the return on investment (ROI) of your...

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4 Dealertrack Innovations Shown at NADA 2019

by Dealertrack on February 5, 2019

It was a big year at NADA for Dealertrack! Here are four highlights from our exhibits and demos at the show. 1. The Cox Automotive Immersive Car-Buying Experience Dealers were able to experience the car buying journey by jumping into a customer’s shoes and going through the process from contact to contract. From shopping o...

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Drive to Success: The Mobility Revolution is Here…

by Lindsay Lauck on February 4, 2019

What does Mobility-as-a-Service (MaaS) mean? For one, it means that the way people move from point-A to point-B is no longer just big business for the auto industry. Opportunity lurks in plain sight for innovative developers, data-sharing visionaries, and anyone who wants to redefine the way people buy and use transportation. In short, a revolution...

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Top 6 Auto Industry Trends from NADA 2019

by Dealertrack on January 31, 2019

Now that this year’s exciting NADA Show has come and gone, dealers are reflecting on the industry trends they are either involved in now or will be involved in moving ahead. Keynote speakers and industry leaders shone a spotlight on trends they see, or in some cases foresee, on the horizon....

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How Dealertrack uniFI Changes the Car Buying Experience

by Dealertrack on January 29, 2019

At NADA 2019, Mazen Letayf, Associate Vice President and Head of Product for Digital Retailing and Dealertrack F&I, sat down with Jim Fitzpatrick of CBT Automotive Network to talk about Dealertrack uniFI™. The interview addresses t...

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Drive to Success: Build Customer Service Strategies For Success

by Lindsay Lauck on January 28, 2019

Remember when the customer was “King” in the sales industry? Have you ever experienced a truly negative buying experience that left you questioning what went wrong? Purchasing an automobile is a major financial decision—where a considerable amount of money is on the line, emotions are high, and trust is key. It’s in your dealership’s best...

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Disruption Today: Drive Profitability with Emerging Technology

by Dealertrack on January 26, 2019

Based on the workshop presented at NADA 2019 by Mike Barrington, Senior VP of Retail Solutions Group Sales, Digital Retailing & Dealertrack F&I Solutions at Cox Automotive The rate of technology change today is astounding – and the adoption rate is matching its pace. Not long ago, some of the technology we take for granted tod...

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Fresh Start, Fresh Site: Explore Our Updates

by Lindsay Lauck on January 23, 2019

What better way to begin a new year than with an updated—and upgraded—look and feel? We’re rolling out a new and improved experience on for everyone to enjoy. With the n...

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