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by Lindsay Lauck on May 22, 2019

If you find yourself fantasizing about a new DMS, but dread the thought of switching, you’re not alone. We surveyed hundreds of dealers to better understand perceptions of their current DMS provider and considerations around switching.¹ Many respondents are dissatisfied with their current DMS, but hesitate to disrupt an established relationsh...

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Paper Contracts Shouldn’t Prevent You from Fast Funding

by Dealertrack on May 21, 2019

By Todd Hutto, Associate Vice President of Operations, Dealertrack Digital Document Services Even as more of the car buying process moves online and the desire for a digitally connected online-to-in-store experience grows stronger, many dealerships continue to contract on paper. These contracts and their entire funding packages require...

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Drive to Success: Building a Fanatic Fan-base of Happy Customers

by Lindsay Lauck on May 20, 2019

Your most loyal customers love you. And automotive dealers love their most loyal customers. After all, loyal, happy customers become brand advocates, spend more, and return to your dealership again and again. So is your dealership relying on hearsay, luck, and good-timing to support and nurture these all-too-important clients? Are you working (dili...

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Technology Transitions: 5 Steps For Success

by Lindsay Lauck on May 15, 2019

Technology is an important investment for dealerships. In nearly every aspect of buying, selling, merchandising, and financing auto sales, tech touch-points can either help, or hinder, the process. So when it comes to making a change to even one of the tools that impacts these workflows, it pays to be prepared. Automotive industry expert John Grace...

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Drive to Success: Onboard Your Dealership Staff For Long-Term Success

by Lindsay Lauck on May 13, 2019

Unemployment is low. Your dealership staff has options. Are you ready for this? If your dealership fails to onboard team members successfully, and quickly, be prepared to watch your precious new hires abandon ship. A careful, strategic program that sets your team up for a long, happy career goes a long way. Read more: 1 -...

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Decluttering Your Dealership’s Systems: Get More From Technology

by Lindsay Lauck on May 8, 2019

Change is progress. But, change is scary. This statement is true, yes, but there’s another side to it. When your automotive dealership is busy staying, well, busy, it’s hard to pave the path toward progress. Finding the right solution for better work-processes, enhancing productivity, reaching more customers, faster—these are all significant...

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Drive to Success: Is Your Dealership Building a Brand That Matters?

by Lindsay Lauck on May 6, 2019

When it comes to building your automotive dealership’s “brand,” it literally pays to think beyond the logo. That’s because a well-crafted personal brand helps humanize your sales people, connects your business with the community, and sets you apart from the competition. How the public thinks about your dealership is important. It’s up to...

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Exploring the Dealertrack Resource Library

by Dealertrack on May 2, 2019

Whether you’re a current Dealertrack customer, dealer or lender interested in learning more about Dealertrack solutions, you’ll find a wealth of knowledge in the Dealertrack Resource Library section of our website. We’ve recently upgraded our Resource Library t...

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Leadership Lessons: Sustainability is Equivalent to Efficiency for Auto Dealers

by Lindsay Lauck on May 1, 2019

Dealertrack, and its parent company Cox Automotive, cares about its employees, its impact on the environment, and making a difference. And our mission, Empower People Today to Build a Better Future for the Next Generation, is more than a rallying cry for our team. It not only drives the programs we run internally, but has a huge impact on...

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Drive to Success: Innovation and Drive for your F&I Strategy

by Lindsay Lauck on April 29, 2019

The F&I process, for most dealerships, generates significant potential profit for the business. But regulatory compliance, buyer frustration, and shrinking margins are daily hurdles that threaten to make the F&I process a losing battle. Can finding passion and meaning in your work combat the stress? Can new data-backed integrations bring au...

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Bonus Benefits of a Tech Change

by Lindsay Lauck on April 24, 2019

Just like spring-cleaning, decluttering your dealership's systems paves the way for progress. Updating your automotive dealership’s technology is a lot like spring cleaning. Once you’ve made the mental decision to let go of the old, legacy systems holding you and your business back, you’re free to update your data, your systems, and...

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Drive to Success: Don’t Drag Your Feet on Digital Retailing

by Lindsay Lauck on April 22, 2019

Where did you purchase your last vacation? How easy and smooth is your online shopping experience today? You know where this is going… Car buyers want more control of the shopping, buying, financing process. And the automotive industry is struggling to keep up. If your dealership isn’t investing in digital retailing—improving the abi...

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