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7 Ways to Fight Back Against Margin Compression

by Dealertrack on September 9, 2020

When the going gets tough, the tough get going! That’s always been the mentality of auto dealers during difficult times. When a new challenge comes along (a pandemic, for instance), tough-minded dealers buckle down, work harder, and fight through the difficulty. It’s an admirable quality and one of the main reasons the auto sales industry is so...

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So, You Want to Learn Reg & Title for Every State…

by Dealertrack on September 3, 2020

Let’s say you’ve decided to become your dealership’s expert on every possible registration and titling scenario for all 50 states (and don’t forget the District of Columbia). You were a quick study in school, so it’s possible, right? You’re probably thinking that memorizing 51 sets of calculations isn’t so bad. We agree – you cou...

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Dealership Staffing Strategy: Put the Best Team in Place

by Lindsay Lauck on August 27, 2020

The automotive industry has itself to thank for making it this far this year. With the ability to think fast on your feet and bring a full, digital retail experience to your customers—in record time—your dealership is surviving a “banner” year. Now, as the automotive industry...

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The Good News & Bad News About Out-of-State Deals

by Dealertrack on August 25, 2020

Let’s start with the good news! Out-of-state deals are increasing as dealers promote their inventory online and cast a wider net for potential customers. Out-of-state sales grew by 16% over the past year, according to Cox Automotive analysis of IHS Market new and used vehicle registration data*. Even with the current economic situation, cross-bor...

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Integrated Solutions: A DMS That Does More

by Lindsay Lauck on August 19, 2020

As more and more of the car-buying process moves online, dealerships across the country are demanding more from the technology solutions that drive their business. According to a 2020 Cox Automotive COVID-19 Dealer Impact Study, more than 70% of consumers are completing part of the buying process online. With so much riding on how well your technol...

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Avoiding Title and Payoff Surprises With Trade-Ins

by Dealertrack on August 18, 2020

Under the current market conditions, with new car inventory and consumer confidence both low, dealerships’ used car programs are more important than ever as a revenue and cash flow source. That puts increased focus on your dealership’s trade-in process,...

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Overcoming Objections: Find Consensus for Your New DMS

by Lindsay Lauck on August 12, 2020

The old saying goes, “Change is good.” But, the reality is, “Change can be really uncomfortable.” When organizations switch technologies, make broad structural shifts, or roll out new policies, the decision is never made lightly. Your dealership, like most, relies heavily on technology to run effectively. With two out of three car...

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Streamlining Out-of-State Registration & Title

by Dealertrack on August 11, 2020

As many dealerships enable digital retailing tools, their potential customer base can expand significantly as they engage with clients outside their normal reach. As of early this year, dealers using digital retailing saw a 25% increase in out-of-state customers.* Even in today’s business environment, buyers are still willing to cross state lines...

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Five Tips Before Rolling Out Payroll Powered by Netchex

by Lindsay Lauck on August 5, 2020

New technology within your dealership has the potential to harness your data and unlock powerful insights that improve your business. And as your dealership grows, you’ll likely experience several key technology transitions that help you achieve these goals. Organizing your data, building insightful reports, managing payroll and time attendance,...

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Improving Your Reg & Title Workflow to Help the Bottom Line

by Dealertrack on July 30, 2020

As dealerships look for ways to adapt their processes to keep auto sales moving in new ways, registration and titling may get overlooked. But because every sale, lease and trade-in vehicle you handle includes reg and title work, it’s an area where there’s opportunity to make process improvements. Better speed, efficiency and customer service ca...

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Best practice tips for transitioning to a digital dealership

by Lindsay Lauck on July 29, 2020

Dealers are currently beating the odds in the face of economic unrest and uncertainty. According to the Cox Automotive COVID-19 Consumer and Dealer Impact Study, dealerships who have implemented digital sales models are exceeding predictions and can expect to see success in the long-term. In fact, 73% of dealers surveyed have a digital retailing so...

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