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How to Develop a Plan of Action and Optimize Dealership Productivity

by Lindsay Lauck on April 6, 2020

Dealers are facing new challenges in truly unprecedented times with stay-at-home regulations and social distancing. Dealers must find a way to fill the essential need for automotive services while balancing their commitment to the health and safety of staff and buyers alike. And, on top of these hurdles, dealerships continue to look for ways to lev...

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5 Tools for Driving Operational Efficiency

by Dealertrack on April 1, 2020

  Dealership operations are facing new challenges in the face of uncertainty. All industries will be impacted—either immediately or eventually—in 2020 by new Social Distancing guidelines and new operating models. Yet, the automotive industry has faced challenges in the past and will weather this storm, too. With access to super-fast tec...

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Drive to Success: Thinking Beyond the Showroom

by Dealertrack on March 30, 2020

Our partners in the industry are finding new ways to ensure their future success by meeting the needs of their customers faster, safer, and online. It’s never been more important to think beyond the showroom. See how dealers are finding new ways to deliver service and meet sales goals amid Social Distancing. 1 -...

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Let Us Help Keep Your Dealership On Track

by Dealertrack on March 26, 2020

Amid fears of disruption and loss of revenue, the spirit of innovation is driving chance in the business. Where once physical and social interaction between salespeople and clients was cornerstone, now personal and public safety is number one. Social Distancing is impacting traditional processes and workflows. Yet, together, we are adapting to meet...

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5 Compliance Tips for F&I Selling

by Dealertrack on March 26, 2020

As dealerships look for ways to counter shrinking profit margins, F&I product sales are one of the revenue sources they turn to. NADA Dealership Financial Profile reporting for year-end 2019 shows that F&I gross profit as...

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Six Guiding Principles for Change

by Lindsay Lauck on March 25, 2020

Choosing a new Dealership Management System is a big decision. Your dealership may have outgrown its older technology, or it may simply be time to let go. Whatever the reason, finding consensus from...

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2020 Vision: Integrated Solutions in a Digital World

by Lindsay Lauck on March 18, 2020

In this month’s Dealertrack DMS 2020 Vision Series—where leaders and experts share goals, aspirations, and predictions for the automotive industry—our Director of Business Development shares his thoughts on the emerging trends affecting dealers. In his role, Tyler Anderson has the opportunity to hear from focus groups, customer advisory board...

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Drive to Success: Is Your Dealership’s IT in the Dark Ages?

by Lindsay Lauck on March 16, 2020

Modern Automotive Dealerships will do almost anything to earn the trust of today’s tech-savvy buyer, from using data-driven ad targeting to implementing AI and chatbots on their web presence. In a recent study, researchers found dealers use an average of almost...

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Drive to Success: Creating Brand Fanatics

by Lindsay Lauck on March 9, 2020

Who do auto dealers love? Their loyal customers. But how do dealerships build better loyalty, develop emotional connections during the buying process, and establish brand recognition that turns happy customers into actual, rabid fanatics? The ingredients are all there—from the minute your buyers learn about what your dealership stands for to thei...

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