The Three Pillars of eContracting

by Dealertrack on January 5, 2018

Even in the age of digitization and tech-savvy millennials, many dealerships still rely on long and laborious paper contracts for F&I processing, as well as the error-prone approach of manual data entry. However, with more millennials becoming car buyers, and older generations also demanding a better online and in-store shopping experience, now...

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Sell Millennials on the Dealership Experience

by Dealertrack on August 10, 2017

There’s a generation of digitally-savvy people getting ready to buy cars. That sounds like a pleasure cruise of sales opportunities, right? But there’s a catch: they’re a demanding bunch with specific ideas about how the transaction should unfold.So what’s a sales person to do? How does a dealership adjust their business to take...

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Millennials Flex Their Purchase Power

by Dealertrack on August 9, 2017

With every promotion or newly minted job, with every move to the suburbs, Millennial spending power is growing.Yes, the “digital native generation” is changing the experience of car shopping, but perhaps even more important than that is their influence in the auto finance market....

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Millennials are Making the Online and In-Store Connection a Reality

by Dealertrack on August 8, 2017

Think back to the most important retail moments of the last 50 years. What would you put on your list of the top ten?The Great Recession of 2007 would surely make it, and perhaps the introduction of SUVs, along with other models. Most likely, the emergence of the Internet would be right at the top – along with the major technological...

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Dealertrack Cuts the Ribbon on New Headquarters

by Dealertrack on June 22, 2017

In a word: Amazing. Awe-inspiring amazement, in fact, from the confident way our new home stands above New Hyde Park Road to how it symbolizes the strength of the brand and our principles of innovation and community.Confidence. Innovation. Community. That's Dealertrack, and amazing is about the only word that describes our new HQ. After...

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Three Key Yahoo! Takeaways for Automotive Retail

by Dealertrack on June 15, 2017

Believe it or not, I still have a Yahoo! email account. I no longer use it for much more than the “secondary” email address on password settings because, well, the contents of the inbox resemble a tangled weed patch of spam and phishing missives. I’d rather not waste my time.It’s sad. And reflective of how this once ubiquitous p...

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The Three Laws of a Connected and Deal-Centric Retail Workflow

by Dealertrack on May 30, 2017

Today’s typical car buyer spends around 60% of their time online, and visits just two dealerships before making a purchase.*It's a surprising statistic, and one that accurately reveals current changes in buyer behavior. It is, in fact, a simple and powerful reflection of what consumers want: An experience that begins at their con...

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Selling Cars the Way People Shop for Them

by Dealertrack on March 24, 2017

Today’s shoppers expect a connected retail workflow that starts at their personal digital device and ends in a dealership environment, prepped and ready to meet their needs. They expect the sales team in the showroom to continue the conversation started online and to use technology to do it.Skeptical? Don’t be. Consider that accordi...

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