A Dealer-Focused DMS

by Dealertrack on March 16, 2018

Original article written by Paul Whitworth, Senior Vice President of Dealer Management Systems at Dealertrack   What does it mean to be a dealer-focused DMS? Two years ago, Dealertrack DMS reframed its strategy to focus on being the High Tech, High Touch DMS. So what does tha...

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Why So Many Dealers Get Stuck Using Legacy Systems

by Dealertrack on February 7, 2018

Fear is a part of life. You might fear the unknown, fear change, or even fear missing out on the latest and greatest consumer craze. But, no matter the form, fear shares a common theme, one defining characteristic that can be particularly harmful if it finds its way into your business. Fear paralyzes. It forces otherwise savvy, reasonable-minded au...

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Why Dealers are Switching to Dealertrack DMS

by Dealertrack on January 10, 2018

So while discounting fear of change as a reason for dealerships to stick with the same old DMS, the reasons for switching to Dealertrack DMS comprise a long list of positives: The Platform is New Imagine using an iPhone or Android that was operated using the same software platform as when the first cellular phon...

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The Research of DMS Change

by Dealertrack on June 28, 2017

While it's true that change is never easy, under the right circumstances it can be good for your business. If you've been thinking about a change, consider looking for a DMS with the features your peers are looking for.Change is hard, especially in the workplace. Remember what happened the last time your company decided to move the brea...

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Run Your Dealership, Not Your Technology

by Dealertrack on June 7, 2017

Technology has the potential to make dealership employees more efficient and more productive. But, research shows that outdated and inefficient technologies are having the opposite effect in many dealerships.Does your dealership's technology save ti...

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