Mike Burgiss is the Founder & General Manager of MakeMyDeal, and VP of Digital Retailing at Cox Automotive. As a technology thought leader and entrepreneur, Mike’s passion lies in providing dealers with the online tools necessary to stay in control and win in their retail businesses, specializing in leading innovations that drive new business growth. Mike’s 19 years of experience leading ecommerce and innovation began at Accenture where he developed web applications, ecommerce systems, and voice-enabled mobile solutions. His leadership in incubators and technology labs has resulted in 13 awarded patents for consumer technology products. Mike joined AutoTrader.com in 2007, and he holds a B.S. in Engineering from Virginia Tech.

2016 NADA Conference Workshop featuring Mike Burgiss

Don’t miss Mike's workshop at the 2016 NADA Conference in Las Vegas, where he will cover how successful dealers win in today’s competitive market by embracing change and answering consumer demand: 



Maintain Control of Your Retail Online

  • Saturday April 2 -- 8:30am - 9:45am -- Room N114
  • Sunday April 3 -- 10:45am - 12pm -- Room N228

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