How Pokémon Go May One Day Help Sell More Cars

by Dealertrack on July 22, 2016

I first realized that Pokémon Go was changing the world when I saw the signs on the New Jersey Turnpike:Don’t Pokémon Go While Driving! This was a little startling. I knew all about the game, but didn’t realize it had reached such a critical mass of acceptance and enthusiasm until I saw roadway warni...

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Mobile in the Showroom: Why it Fits

by Dealertrack on July 16, 2016

It’s been debated at conferences, in showrooms, talked about over dinners, written about, studied and queried. Still, the question – and the debate – rages.Mobile. Does it fit in the dealership showroom?The short answer is yes. Of course. And if you’ve not integrated mobile devices throughout your sales showroom experience,...

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Mark O’Neil, and the Work of Transforming Automotive Retail

by Dealertrack on June 24, 2016

It’s not all that often we get to take a look inside the motivations and rationale of an industry pioneer like Cox Automotive’s Chief Operating Officer Mark O’Neil. But when we do, it can be illuminating, inspiring and thought-provoking, especially in terms of how and why change occurs. In the case of O’Neil, change always seems to be dr...

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Control and Connect the Digital Experience

by Dealertrack on May 4, 2016

By now you’ve heard the fiction about the future of car sales. The stories about how all you need to do to buy a car is pick the color, choose the wheels, and click on that ubiquitous online shopping cart. May as well just go ahead and turn on the robot. No one even takes test drives anymore. While all that makes for entertaining t...

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The Truth about Transparency

by Dealertrack on October 7, 2015

Times have changed. And just in case you didn’t get that email from your GM, or haven’t read one of the hundreds of recent automotive retail trend articles…or didn’t attend one of dozens of conferences…here it is: Transparency is a thing. It’s here to stay, as well, courtesy of the changing shopping and buying behaviors brought on by...

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