Seven Classic Rides for a Classic Summer

With all the focus on how automotive retail is evolving to meet the needs of today's customers, it can be easy to forget just how much fun cars can be. Since the 1940s, in fact, our simple transportation choices began to reflect our desires and personalities. They had style. And power. Cars stopped being so simple from that point on, and became a colorful, dynamic part of Americana, one that kept pace with the trends of the day. From the shores of Motor City to all points around the world, the cars became that special thing that created generations of enthusiasts and a multitude of memories. 

And there's no time like the summer time to put the top down, go for a ride and create some new memories. So let's do that, and salute some favorite rides. Whether for road trips, or cruising, these seven run the gamut from convertibles to family haulers. Classics? You be the judge.